Started by Damian Bao in 2010, Bonae L’amour is a photo blog that features mostly candid photos of the world’s top agency-represented high fashion models in the streets, on the runways and backstage. Damian is an unconventional photographer who is more interested in capturing charming personalities than pretty girls with expensive wardrobes. His blog is a celebration of not only external beauty, but also inner beauty illuminated by a smile, a wink, a laugh, a gaze and the story and experience behind it all. Bonae L’amour is followed and viewed by citizens of over 150 countries, who are interested in seeing a different side of the fashion and modeling world. Not simply just the model’s street style diary, it is the cult go-to blog for the fashion-obsessed to find raw inspiration in the models, their beauty and street style.


Bonae L’amour means “Good Love.” The blog was originally created in the beginning of 2010 as a personal photo journal by Damian Bao, a photographer who was coping with the death of the love of his life. It will forever be dedicated to Ann. Rest in peace, angel. Since then, Bonae L’amour has evolved into a shared journey with readers to regain inspiration and hope. Through chance encounters and many serendipitous events, the blog has become living proof that positive and beautiful things can come from sadness and tragedy, that real beauty is beyond skin, and that reality, no matter how it looks, is beautiful in its own obvious or peculiar way.


Photos that are featured on Bonae L’amour have also been published on the pages of Vogue, Vogue Australia, Vogue China Online, Vogue Girl, Vogue Netherlands, Vogue Turkey, Elle China, Eurowoman, Femina, Grazia China, Grazia Germany, Glamour Germany, Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Nylon Korea, Self China, style.com, Teen Vogue, CNN, Lucky, Allure, Spur and other international presses.